Water is one of the most essential nutrients in life – you can survive much longer without food than you can without water, as it helps your cells run well, gives you energy, and prevents headaches. However, for the people that dislike (or even hate) actually drinking water, hydration can be a little more of a challenge than a natural process, even when they know that it's good for them. So if you're looking for a few tips to help keep you healthy and strong without hating every minute of your hydrating experience, then here's what you need to know.

Flavor It In

Probably the tip you'll hear most often from concerned friends and family if you're a water hater, but a good tip nonetheless: add some flavor to your water. There are many different options to choose from on the market, from liquid add ins, to powders, to fresh fruits. When you consider the hundreds of different flavors that come in these various forms – and the fact that lots are low- to no-calorie – it will seem much easier to find a flavor that you don't just tolerate but actually enjoy drinking. If fresh fruit is your pick, for example, there are many water bottles with a fruit compartment on the bottom that juices the fruit and allows the juice to flow up into your water, giving it a natural sweetness. You should also consider looking into organic natural products that you can incorporate into your water from a place like Organic Food 4 LIFE

Fizz It Out

Another common complaint is that water is a dull beverage next to delicious sodas – so why not try carbonating your water for a soda-like experience? You can purchase carbonated water for an extremely low price at your local supermarket, or you could take it one step further and actually carbonate your own water at home, whether you use commercially available devices or build your own (and there are advantages and disadvantages to commercially made products and DIY devices)

Eat It Up

Possibly the greatest help to you when it comes to upping your water intake for the day is the fact that water isn't just in beverage form – it's also a main ingredient in the foods you eat during the day. Different foods have different water contents, but vegetables (including wet veggies like pickles) tend to have the highest water-per-serving ratios, while bread products are much lower on the spectrum. For a helpful list of fruits and veggies that can help quench your thirst, look online.