If you workout, especially with weights, then odds are you are familiar with protein shakes. If you have gotten bored with plain protein powder mixed with water or milk, then you might want to spice it up and add some extras that will enhance the shakes and give you some extra health benefits. Below is a list of three ingredients you might like to add to your shakes. For two of them you will need a blender, for the third, you can simply add the ingredient to your protein shaker bottle and then mix it right in.

Flax Seeds

Protein shakes have protein, of course, but they don't have much else. They are great because they give you a huge boost of protein post workout, which is essential for your muscles. However, the shakes can be lacking in lots of other things you need throughout the day. Flax seeds are fantastic to add because they have lots of essential fatty acids. These fats are necessary for your skin, bones, and yes, your muscles, too. If you are a vegetarian, then you can't do what many athletes do and pop a capsule of fish oil to get these healthy fats. What you can do is add some flax seed powder or whole seeds to your blender and whip up a great protein shake. They don't change the flavor much, so it doesn't matter if you use chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry whey powder with your flax seeds.


Another great way to get tons of omega fatty acids into your shake is to blend up almonds. They are also super healthy. Almonds have lots of Vitamin E, as well as minerals like manganese and magnesium. Plus, they also have protein (up to 6 grams per ounce). Finally, there is the antioxidant issue. Almonds are an excellent way to load up on anti-oxidants. These antioxidant's help to prevent damage caused by free radicals. This is important when you are doing heavy exercise because exercise, while healthy, does cause free radical formation in the body.

Noni Juice

If you don't feel like getting the blender out and blending up almonds or flax seeds, then get a bottle of noni juice. Noni fruits are a very exotic and rare fruit. They can be incredibly hard to find in local supermarkets, so getting a bottle of the juice online from suppliers like Tahiti Naturel USA is the way to go. The juice can be added to unflavored whey and give it a nice fruit flavor, or you could pair it with a berry or vanilla flavored whey. Noni juice is particularly popular for lowering cholesterol and helping to lower blood sugar. So, rather than load up on sugary sports drinks, make a noni flavored whey shake.