Whey, a major component of milk, is a common supplement that people use to help them build muscle mass or manage their caloric intake. Before adding whey to your diet, you need to know a few key things about it. Here are some factors you need to know so you choose the right whey protein for your dietary and workout needs.

The difference between isolate and concentrate 

Whey comes in a few varieties for dietary use, two of the more common forms being isolate and concentrate. You need to know the difference between them so you can use the best one for your needs. Concentrate has a higher amount of calories and digests relatively slowly, making it an excellent protein source if you are wanting a dietary supplement to keep you fuller during the day. Isolate has more protein in it and less calories, making it a wise choice if you are dieting and watching your caloric or carbohydrate intake. Both are excellent sources of muscle-building and energy-providing nutrients. Your dietician or personal trainer can help you choose which one is best for you.

Whey contains lactose

Since whey is a milk derivative, it does contain lactose, so keep this in mind if you have dairy sensitivities. If you do, then you want to go with the isolate variety, which has less lactose in it than concentrate and can cause less irritation to your digestive system. You can mix whey isolate with water or put it in a smoothie to help you remain fuller, longer. Begin taking whey in smaller amounts, building up to recommended servings for your weight to get your body used to the supplement.

Be careful what you take whey with

If you are taking other protein supplements in addition to whey in order to gain muscle mass and reduce fat, make sure you are not consuming a lot of fats or sugars in the process. Whey is not designed to replace healthy proteins in your diet; rather, it is to be used as a boost for your workout or weight loss routine. Take whey with regular healthy proteins, such as lean meats or fish, to keep your body in balance and continue on your journey to better health.

You can use whey to create the body you have always wanted. The more you learn about the protein supplement the more you can benefit from it and gain a leaner, more energized version of yourself as a result.