There are compelling reasons to switch from a diet containing animal products to a diet free of them. Whether you're making the change for ethical reasons or for health reasons, it's commendable that you're making a bold change for the better. But after a lifetime of depending on animal products for much of your diet, making the change can be difficult. Take a look at a few tips that can help you move beyond animal products and into a tasty new vegan lifestyle.

Branch Out into Ethnic Foods

While meat and animal products are more the rule than the exception here in the US, that's not the case everywhere in the world. Thai, Indian, Middle Eastern, Chinese, Japanese, and Ethiopian cultures are all examples of cultures where vegan-friendly dishes are part of the regular diet, even for non-vegans.

When you go out to eat, instead of looking specifically for vegan restaurants, look for ethnic restaurants that are likely to offer vegan foods because they're part of that culture's ordinary cuisine. You'll get to experience new tastes and get some new ideas about dishes that you like that were meant to be free of animal products.

Find Substitutes for Your Favorites

There are plenty of foods that can easily be made vegan with a few omissions or substitutions. For example, try pasta with marinara sauce and chunks of vegetables in place of spaghetti and meatballs. Pizza can easily be made with a vegan crust, no cheese, and plenty of tasty veggie toppings.

Over time, you'll acquire new favorite vegan dishes, but while you're transitioning, it's a good idea to have vegan substitutes for your favorite pre-vegan foods on hand. It can help quell cravings that might lead you to abandon your new diet.

Try a Vegan Delivery Service

Meal delivery services are popular for many people these days, and there are several that cater to the vegan diet. Some deliver pre-made meals, while others deliver fresh ingredients and recipes so that you can put the meals together yourself. Vegan diet meal delivery can be a great resource for a new vegan.

If you're too busy to cook, or just don't enjoy cooking, a service that delivers pre-made meals or meals that require minimal prep can help you maintain your vegan diet without difficulty. If you do like to cook but just don't know where to start, a meal service that delivers ingredients and recipes can help give you ideas about what vegan shopping and cooking should look (and taste!) like.

Transitioning to a vegan diet may be rocky at first, but once you make the change, you'll never look back. Use these tips to help make your transition as smooth as possible.