Just when you thought you were doing so well, you discover that the changes you have made in your eating habits are not doing what they are expected to do. You changed what you eat, but your weight is still climbing. You are inclined to blame some biological reason, but the cause may actually be what you are consuming. Here is how to figure out why your diet plan is not working when you are eating less, but gaining more.

Keep a Journal and Record Everything You Eat, Plus Calories, Carbs and Sugars

Yes, this seems like quite the tedious task, but ultimately you will see why you need to do this. A lot of people do not realize that they forgot about that ice cream bar a friend gave them as a snack, or the bag of chips they snacked on after supper. These little things add up quickly. Keep a journal of everything you eat, write it all down immediately after you consume it, and make sure you record the calorie content, the carbs, and the sugars in it all. Then add it up at the end of your day to see where and how you went wrong.

If You Do Not Know the Calories, Carbs, and Sugars, Do NOT Eat It

Somebody's birthday at the office always means cake. As super-tempting as it is, when you do not know the calories, carbs, sugars, or proper serving size, do not eat it. You cannot record a food in your food journal when you do not know the particulars, and that slice of cake could be enough to throw your whole day off.

When You Are Still Uncertain about Your Diet

When you are recording everything, and it looks good, you may still be at a loss as to why you are not losing weight. When that happens, schedule an appointment with a professional nutrition analyst to get a professional nutrition analysis. You may also schedule an appointment with a dietitian, but remember to take your food consumption journal with you. Whomever you meet with will ask you to keep a food journal, but if you already have one going for a few weeks, then you can show the journal to him/her at the appointment.

Trading in Quantities

Sometimes it is not the health foods you consume. It is the quantities. Try eating much smaller quantities of food.

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