Kratom is a popular supplement that is used to reduce pain, increase energy, and/or elevate mood. If you are on the fence about trying kratom, knowing more about your options can help you find the best kratom for your needs.


Strains of kratom generally fall into three categories: red, green, and white. However, you may find other variations, such as gold or yellow. Typically, red strains are a good option for pain and to promote relaxation or sleep. Greens are a good hybrid of red and white. They have moderate pain relief benefits and can increase your energy. White strains are better for lifting your mood and promoting energy. Each "color" is named based on the region where it was collected, such as Kali, Borneo, or Maeng Da. Based on this information you can choose several strains that may be helpful for your specific needs. Some people choose to make their own custom blends. For example, those with chronic pain and fatigue might mix red and white to create a "pink" blend.


Most kratom available is in powdered form. The powder may be more or less finely ground, which will affect how well it dissolves in liquids. Some people simply put the powder in their mouth and wash it down, but this increases the chances of inhaling the fine powder. The easiest strategy is to mix your powder with a minimal amount of hot tap water and drink it quickly. Since kratom can be bitter, you may want to add sweetener to the mix. A very fine powder might mix well with coffee or juice. As an alternative, you can find powder in capsules, which is usually easier to take. Depending on the size of the capsule, there may be up to one gram in each capsule. Other options for kratom include ground leaf, which is used much like tea leaves by steeping it in hot water.


The appropriate dosage is highly individualized based on your weight, metabolism, and the severity of symptoms like pain and anxiety. Owning a small scale is helpful to measure out your dosages until you become accustomed to kratom. In the beginning, take one or two grams and wait an hour to see how you feel. If you do not notice any effects, try a couple more grams and wait. Once you know which dosage is best for your needs, you need to realize the ideal dosage can vary among strains or where you buy kratom. Each strain will not affect you in the same way, and there can be variations between batches or suppliers. It is always better to start on the lower end of a dosage and add more later, if necessary.

Due to kratom's benefits for chronic pain, anxiety, mood, and energy, it has a strong appeal. Like with any supplement, you will need to go through trial-and-error before you find the right strains and dosage that improves your symptoms. For more information, contact companies that sell kratom powder capsules.