CBD is all the rage these days for its ability to support those who are going through problems like pain and anxiety. But there are so many ways to use it that you might feel confused and unsure of what is best for you. Before you buy a bunch of CBD products, consider choosing just one: CBD gummies. Here's why.


CBD edibles, like THC edibles, last longer in the body than taking CBD by other means, like using it topically or using a vape pen. CBD edibles take a little longer to break down, as they have to be digested first by the stomach and then enter the bloodstream. But once they're there, you can expect the support to last for hours instead of minutes. This makes it easier to just pop one and be done instead of having to step away from your job, family life, or anything else to regularly re-dose.


Some CBD products also contain THC, but edibles typically don't. You can check the packaging to be certain — gummies that are made out of hemp or high CBD strains will have all the THC extracted and removed. This ensures that you get the support of the CBD without also having to deal with the high that THC can bring. While some people enjoy the THC high and the benefits that THC can provide, those who want to be able to function on a day-to-day basis but still get the support of CBD should avoid THC and instead choose CBD-only gummies.

No Lung Damage

A lot of people smoke hemp and marijuana in order to enjoy the benefits of CBD, but it comes with some downsides. Chances are if you've ever known someone who smoked these products that you've heard the deep hacking coughs that follow a deep puff. This is because breathing hot smoke or vapor into the lungs is irritating and inflammatory to them. This can potentially make you feel worse before you feel better, and the science is still out on whether or not it has any long-term negative side effects for your lungs.

In comparison, a CBD edible is just that — an edible. It won't go in your lungs and all you need to do is eat it to start enjoying the benefits.

CBD products come in all shapes and sizes, but if you want the best for yourself, choose CBD edibles.

For more information, contact a retailer that carries products like CBD gummies.