CBD oil is making quite a name for itself. Just when you thought the CBD oil market could not get any bigger, here come the CBD products for pets! Many people are surprised by this, given that most things consumed by people (especially alternative medicine products) are not safe for pets. However, CBD is an all-natural product made from the hemp plant. Here are some products made from CBD oil and why they are perfectly safe to give to your pet.

Pet Treats

The typical pet treats are made from meat by-products, artificial flavorings, and vegetable products. Hemp, on the other hand, is just a plant. It would be the same as if your cat went outside, found some wild catnip, and gorged on it. It might make your cat a little crazy for a while, but there is absolutely no harm in it. As for dogs, dogs are omnivores, so a little extra plant-based ingredient list will not hurt your dog either. Best of all, the CBD-based pet treats are all-natural, which makes them much healthier for your pets than the usual pet treats.

Lactose-Free Milk Treat

Real milk is not good for a cat's digestive system. It is the equivalent to giving a lactose-intolerant human real milk. It does not sit well with them, and causes stomach upset and diarrhea. This is why so many pet stores started selling "kitty milk," a lactose-free milk substitute that lets your kitty enjoy milk without the digestive issues. Now you can also give your cat(s) milk treats with CBD in it, which is akin to giving your cat catnip with milk. 

Whole Plant Buds

The most beneficial form of CBD hemp are the whole buds. If you have a dog or a cat that cannot resist chomping on greens outside or chewing on indoor plants (which may be poisonous), toss your pet a whole plant bud. Your pet is free to bat it around, chew on it, and even swallow it in bits and pieces. 

Why You Can Safely Give These Products to Your Pets

CBD is a hemp plant extract; you cannot emphasize that enough. It is extracted from a cannabis plant that IS NOT marijuana in any sense. In fact, the "medicine" in a CBD treat for animals is less than a few TENTHS of a gram, so it will not have any negative side effects on your pet whatsoever.